New dinosaur door sign available!

We recently came across some fantastic pieces of pecky cyprus and have come up with the perfect office or bedroom door sign for any dinosaur lover.

Check out our new 8" square personalized door sign!  It depicts the skull of the iconic tyrannosaurus rex dinosaur in profile view carved from a beautiful piece of hand selected reclaimed pecky cyprus wood* and finished with a blend of food grade mineral oil and beeswax. Your custom lettering is engraved into the banner below the dinosaur's head. The pecky wood gives the piece a rustic one-of-a-kind feel.  

Choose your own lettering by entering a note in the "Special instructions for seller" portion of the checkout page.

*Pecky cyprus is a very beautiful and sought after wood that is naturally full of holes and cavities.  It is rare, since it only occurs in occasional logs, and cannot be discovered until the log is cut. It only forms from the inside out in a circular pattern following the tree's rings. When milled, the pattern of pecky holes is random, and only lumber cut from the inside of the log will contain the pecky.  


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